Deep C Revival Deep C Revival



‘3’ consists of 10 tracks: 7 originals and 3 covers and feature some great friends such as Alex Alexander, Marty Kersich and George Ennis, to name just a few. For this album the band chose a narrower musical landscape, focusing on a more American classic rock texture with definite country overtones. Strong vocals and guitar work as well as well as some out-of-the-box arrangements are the hallmark of this album.

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Deep C Revival is:

Chris Barczynski: Vocals
Vin Cimino: Drums
Rob DeMartino: Bass
Gus Fafalios: Guitar, Vocals
Paul Morris: Keyboards

Contributing artists:

Andrea Watts
George Ennis
Evan Kremin
Alex Alexander
Mark Dann
JP Bowersock
Marty Kersich
Keith Foley
Danny Miranda
Andy Clayburn
Andy Aledort
Mike DiMeo
John and Charlie Fafalios