Deep C Revival is New York City’s premier classic rock band comprised of veteran touring and session musicians.  The band has been performing under various names in the northeast for the better part of the last decade.  The diversity of the individual players allows them to play almost any style of music.  They have an uncanny ability to seamlessly switch gears from classic rock, southern rock, funk, R&B, 80s, to metal.  You name it, they nail it!

The one common denominator is their love for classic rock.  Their debut album “Go Deep” was released earlier this year and continues to receive favorable feedback and can be heard on Pandora Radio, iHeart Radio, Google Play, etc. and is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, cdBaby + many other online stores.  It is dedicated to their original singer Alisa B. Anderson who tragically passed away in 2015 from cancer during the recording of this album.  Through overwhelming adversity she managed to contribute three songs.  We are forever grateful and carry on always with her in our hearts.